The relief centre has two children homes. The children home in Sundarijal, Kathamndu has three bottles houses and children home in Gorkha has two bottle houses. Children home operates with the donations of few Europeans citizens who have personal relation with board members. Donations collected are well utilized by the centre. This relief centre has been providing home to 60 children. The bottle houses are not officially affiliated with any local or foreign organizations. Children staying in children home are provided with required facilities like library, internet, study rooms and so on. Donors can pay their visit anytime they want by pre-informing children home. The staff working in the children home are dedicated who also have great passion for social service and child rights. Your visit will be paid with smiles and greeting from children and you will be served with the same foods prepared for children. These bottle houses are build from the wastage bottles of wine, whisky and so on. The bottle houses are earthquake-resistant. The concept of utilizing wastage bottle is to create eco-friendly and clean environment.

Morality and sense of responsibility are major lessons we want our children to have. With long time span we realized the importance of staff who teaches morality and responsibility to children. So, we have selected the best team to nurture our children in bottles house and raise them with social and moral responsibilities.  The children home provides a family environment and lovely guardians.