Poor and Orphan Children Relief Centre is a non-profit and non-government organization established and operated by a group of German- speaking Nepal tour guides. It was officially registered in 2004 as NGO with the motive to provide safe and secure home to poor and orphan children with quality education till grade 10. PAORC also supports schooling of children by providing school fees and other necessary educational materials.

The relief centre is located in Nayapati, Sunjadarijal, Kathmandu and has its branch in Swaragaun, Thumi, Gorkha district, Nepal. The centre initially began with 5 children and now it is raising 60 children who are provided with food, roof, school fees and other expenses. The organization has proudly raised 8 children who have passed grade 10 and are living on their own. The children living in centre are orphans or have weak financial background. These children are belongs to the age of 4-18 years. The children are able to get good food, moral behavior and good education with homily environment in centre.

The relief centre was established with an incident when one of the board members found a child crying at night in frozen cold in Solukhumbhu district during his trip. Then, he brought that child to Kathmandu for education and better future. Immature group of board members registered an organization with uncertain financial incoming. The centre has been running with the financial support of Europeans who have personal relations with board members. In order to raise fund to support children in centre, the founders also sold calendars in Europe, especially in Germany.  Because of lack of donation, the centre is not able to welcome more children who are in need of home and school.

The organization has very less administration cost because of supportive board members who are working voluntarily. The board members are very fairly accountable to donors about their donations.  Each child is taken care personally by the staff of children home regarding their academic performance, health and moral behavior.