• No need to say there are many big and big Organizations working in the same fields, without mentioning their Names here, we would like to say very clearly that all of us (German Speaking Tour Leaders in Nepal) work voluntarily. There is no profit motive for any members. And o
  • We are among the 100 of such organization only one, that having very Less Administration cost around 10,000 Rupees for salary and others.
  • Till now we all of us German Speaking Tour leaders in Nepal working voluntarily and without any Profit motive.
  • So there you can be 100 % sure that your Helps comes to the right and really needy person directly.
  • Our main aim is to provide the good Education for those, who are financially not able to go in the school
  • We suggest our Sponsors to transferred the money through the "Freunde der Erziehungskraft”, so that the sponsors get the original receipt of the Donation, which is accepted for Tax redemptions in Europe as well. In this case we are very transparent. We have own Bank A/C in Kathmandu Nepal as well. So that without any hesitation one can donates money in our Account directly. All the expenses will be verified by the expertise as well. This is the reason, that we are one of the Project, that government issued the Certificate of Tax Free.
  • It is fully run by the Nepalese and one of the successful Project without Donations and fix Income like other Projects.