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Future Plan

Transition home: This is one of the major ongoing plans of PAORC. The foundation working in child rights and education for 13 years realized that it is not easy to normalize and familiarize the children brought from streets and extremely bad situation. This home is under construction in Sundarijal, Kathmandu which has 1 kitchen, 1 study room, bed rooms and garden and public spaces. The home will have ability to keep about 30 children at a time. All the paper process will be done when children are staying at this home which takes time around 8 months. Various health facilities, training and workshops are given to children so that they can be taken to relief centre with other children.

Another PAORC building: This is another project under PAORC. The building is also under construction in a place nearby current bottle houses in Sundarijal, Kathmandu. The completion of this building will accommodate around 100 children. Only the children belonging to vulnerable situations are brought here and if the situation of their family improved they are send back to home. The children coming here will be from various districts but most importantly we care that the children from Gorkha and nearby places are not brought here because once children come to Kathmandu its really hard them to leave the place. So, we assume providing facilities and educating children in their own place let them settle in their places who contribute to their society.

Relief Centre in Terai: Based on recent news, the situation of children in Terai is becoming worse because of family conflicts and ongoing calamities. They are parentless and homeless. We want to provide shelter, food, clothes and education to them at their place. We want to build a relief centre in Easter Terai of Nepal. Even though we are not prepared with the blueprint of project, we assume availability of budget will be best to begin new project in Terai.

Coffee Roasting Machine: This is one of the plans which will be under operation within an year. We are facilitated with Coffee Roasting Machine in our bottle house in Sundarijal. We aim to earn profit and utilize them for the benefits of poor and orphan children. The manufactured coffee will be of the highest quality and would be directly supplied to European countries. One of our student turn staff would be going Germany to get training on coffee roasting who will be training other staff and will begin the manufacturing.

Organic Farming and Resort: This project in Sundarijal is not fully owned by PAORC foundation but certain profit percent will be donated to welfare of children. This is a resort with organic farming which aims to attract foreign as well as domestic tourists. The resort located in the mid of forests will serves organic food. The certain profit will be used for child rights and child education.

Women Empowerment Training: This is a future plan where we provide vocational training to women in remote areas of Nepal. We also have conducted 6 month long tailoring training in remote village of Gorkha to empower women. We believe empowerment of women is directly proportional to better life of children. We plan to conduct various training so that a mother can earn to feed and school her children even though a man of the house doesn’t earn. We have been going to various places of Nepal and with the decision of the board members, special training will be given to women.

PAORC is a home to 60 children. Children are an avatar of god whether they are born poor or orphans, they deserve to be happy and educated.

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