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Our Team
Sundarijal Children Home

John Marry Ghising
She is a co-coordinator of a Sundarijal bottle house. She is 53 years and has been working with us for 8 years. Born and raised in Darjeeling, India, She always loved teaching children. She is a “Madam” of bottle house who looks after very sick to little child. She says she used to have a group of children back in Darjeeling and her mother would tell her that she someday would have many children. Now she smiles and says she is happy to be a mother of more than 50 children. She loves children and does best to raise them with love and morality.

Nilu Thapa
She is a logistic manager of Sundarijal bottle house. She has been teaching and taking care of children for 5 years now. She taught children for 16 years and always loved being with children and teaching them. She is a mother of bottle house. She manages food and stationary materials in bottle house. She takes care of every child as her own and loves to be with them.

Keshav Nath Adhikari
Keshav is one of our successful stories who was raised in the same bottle house where he now works. He has been in the bottle house since 2004. He is 21 years and completed his higher secondary level. Being raised and supported by PAORC, he feels the urge to do something for PAORC and children like him who needs supports and love. He aims to work in child rights and education to provide opportunities for better future. He helps children to study and takes care of children home’s discipline and morality.

Sabina Bhandhari
Abandoned by husband with 2 children, Sabina had no money and she saw vulnerable future of her children. But PAORC provided her home to live and supported her children for school. She has been living in bottle house for 6 years. She prepares food and handles kitchen for all the children at bottle house. She is happy to be in bottle house and finds joy to be a mother of so many children. She always enjoys to see happy faces of children and believes only happiness from children is real.

Sunita PandeyThe responsibility of a son and a drunkard husband was on her shoulder but had no work to earn. Then, PAORC provided her work and educational support to her son. She understood the love of child and promises to work for the child. She is just 26 years and is dedicated to work for child rights and education. She works in kitchen and helps to maintain bottle house clean. She is not motivated to earn money but is grateful that she could contribute for the children’s better future.

Manaslu Children Home

Som Bahadur Thapa Magar
He is a coordinator of Manaslu Bottle house. He and his wife have been working as social worker in the community for a long time. They do not have their biological children and so they say children of bottle house their own. Their home was destroyed by earthquake. Since then they are living with children and taking care of children. They are a guardian of children home.

Krishna Maya Magar
She is a mother of Manaslu Children home who specially looks after kitchen and supplies. She loves children and wants to work in the field of child rights and education. Her own children are blind whose educations are supported by PAORC. Being a mother, she feels the happiness and better future of children is the most important thing in her life and promises to work for the better future of all the children. Motivated by the passion to provide better future to children she doesn’t look after money and luxury.

PAORC is a home to 60 children. Children are an avatar of god whether they are born poor or orphans, they deserve to be happy and educated.

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