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**As mentioned earlier you are flexible with your volunteering programs. But we have enlisted some of the basic programs we accept.**

English Teaching
We expect our children to have good English so that they can compete with any other children studying in a normal boarding school of Nepal. We accept your volunteering task of taking English classes. Looking over your class schedule planning will be helpful if the content is okay for children or not and also if the time mentioned is enough according to the ability of children. We expect a good writing and speaking from our English teaching class.

Health Education
We want our children to know the importance of health and way to be healthy. Your volunteering in health education would be acceptable for the betterment of our children. We accept both the theoretical as well as practical health education. The practical healthy habits would be encouraged so that children could be directly involved and would appreciate to practice in daily life.

Indoor as well as outdoor sports volunteering are acceptable. You can manage time for the sports after contacting us. The children home already owned some of the sports materials like football, badminton, and so on. If needed the sports materials could be bought by PAORC and also you can donate sports materials to children home.

Our children home already has a music teacher and a lot of students are interested in music. So, volunteers could choose this program as one of the most interesting program. The vocal class as well as instrumental teaching classes would be appreciated by our children. Children would be happy to learn songs of different languages too. You can prepare schedule beforehand or after you visit children and interact them you can decide which kind of music they are interested too.

Along with our motive to provide morality and responsibility to children. We want them to be a leader to lead people and participate in the development of a community. Leadership classes would be appreciated. You can design the leadership classes you would like to provide to children and ask for help if needed. This is seen as one of the important volunteering programs as it is not only a requirement for single phase of life, but leadership is an essential quality to live better life. You can organize competitions among children also you can give workshops to children based on leadership. You can also organize classes to basically inspire them to be a leader with the inspiring stories of great leaders of the world. You can also have a “My story” class where you can tell you story to inspire children to be better leader.

PAORC is a home to 60 children. Children are an avatar of god whether they are born poor or orphans, they deserve to be happy and educated.

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