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What are the possible volunteering works?

As you can go to volunteering programs and see the possible volunteering programs. The volunteering work is flexible according to you interest and time. But you need to inform about your time and program beforehand to us.

Do you have any information about Nepal?

Nepal is a Himalayan country in the south Asia. It is a landlocked country between china and India. Majority of Nepalis are hindus. Nepal is a democratic republic federal country. Nepal is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia with tourism being a major source of income in the country. Nepal has three geographical divisions with mountains in most part of the country. Nepal is small country but majority of people are under poverty and lack from basic human rights like education, health, nutritious food and clean drinking water.

Are there any specific country criteria to volunteer?

No, You do not have to from a specific country to volunteer. People from all around the world can apply for the volunteering. Also, Nepalis are most welcome for volunteering.

Is there any financial support from Paorc?

Paorc is a non-profit non-government organization operating with the donations collected from generous individuals. So, paorc is not able to provide any kind of financial support to volunteers.

Is it necessary to speak English to Volunteer?

Volunteers who can speak English would be better since children can communicate directly. But volunteers with all linguistics are welcome.

When should I reach Nepal?

You can reach Nepal 2-3 days before your volunteering duration starts. You can also come Nepal earlier to visit but you have to be in contact with PAORC. You have to visit PAORC some days before your volunteering starts.

What are the accommodations when volunteering provided by PAORC?

PAORC is not able to provide any accommodations to volunteers. But volunteers will be provided with meals and snacks if they have their volunteering session during that time. The information are always provided by PAORC in case you need anything to know in Nepal.

Are there any possible additional expenses when I start volunteering?

There are not any specific additional expenses you need to handle. But sometimes you might want to buy more volunteering materials to children. Also sometimes you might want to provide any gifts to children. These are the exceptional additional expenses.

Is Nepal safe for volunteers?

Nepal is a tourist destination. A lot tourist from all around the world comes each year to see the mesmerizing mountains of Nepal. The security is not provided to volunteers by the PAORC but as far by the current situation of Nepal we can assure you will be safe in Nepal.

How many volunteers will be there during a particular time?

We can allow 2-3 volunteers at a time in a children home.

How can I know former volunteers?

You can go to (former volunteer link) see the experiences of former volunteers.

Who books my flights and hotels?

You will be responsible for your flight booking but we can help you with hotels here in Nepal. If you need information about hotels you can contact us earlier.

Who does my official works for visa processing?

You will be responsible for your visa processing.

PAORC is a home to 60 children. Children are an avatar of god whether they are born poor or orphans, they deserve to be happy and educated.

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