Poor and Orphan Children relief centre welcomes all international and national volunteers. The volunteering in PAORC is flexible according to the time and interest of volunteers. We respect your generosity to help children in need. We do not have scheduled volunteering sessions for you. It’s an opportunity for you to share your knowledge to children. You are responsible to prepare your schedule of workshops but you need to share it with us before you begin your volunteering. We accept you as volunteer if you provide us time span of more than a week. We encourage you to teach extra curriculum like sports and music whichever you are interested in and have knowledge. We also accept volunteers who are willing to teach English to our children. Once you have applied and accepted for the volunteering, you need to be on time and by chance if you cannot make inform us before hand so that other programs could be conducted.

If you are coming Nepal to travel, do make a visit to POARC. Spare at least a week long time to bring happiness to the poor and orphan children. You can also lengthen your volunteering time if you want to. You can apply for the volunteering here (here comes the link of the apply).
If you a Nepali or a foreigner living in Nepal and wants to volunteer you are mostly welcome. As mentioned earlier you can volunteer according to your available time and interest. But we prefer a long volunteering duration if you are staying which will be a great beneficial for our children. You can apply for the volunteering here (here comes the link of the apply).